The next two pages are dedicated to all of the furred and feathered friends who have enriched our lives throughout the years. This page features the pets who are still with us. The next page is a memorial for those no longer here. Currently there are two cats in the Baldwin household. We adopted Cricket, a lively mackerel tabby with amber eyes and Boleyn, a sassy little marbled tabby who is very small and spunky for her age! Both kittens were born in March 2008 and came through Fancy Cats and Home Alone Cat Rescue organizations.





This petite miss was named after the movie "The Other Boleyn Sister" by her foster mom. She is quite a lively little thing and very affectionate too. She knows how cute she is and shows off shamelessly! She actually poses for the camera. We call her "Boley" for short.






Cricket and Boley both came from the same high-kill shelter in Forestville, Maryland originally although they are not brother and sister. Cricket plays and jumps around just like the little insect he is named after! Some cruel boy beat him with a stick when he was tiny, permanently injuring his front right leg. But he doesn't know he is "different" and has adapted to using his 3 good legs very well. He really adores his "sister" Boley and they often cuddle together.





Our feathered friends include two cockatiels, Pancho and Peelu (pronounced PEE-LOU). When we had PeeWee, all three birdies were friends and liked to socialize with each other. Pancho and Peelu are especially devoted to one another. They are true avian soulmates!





This is a 3D picture that my sister Rosy created, starring Peelu. If you'd like to see a full size version of the graphic, just click on it.



Music you hear is "Kitten On the Keys" by Zez Confrey

Sequenced by Uncle Rick 4/19/95



Animated GIF Copyright ActionCat